Our Program

Our underage drinking program was developed to give you the opportunity to participate in an online program, which will help clarify the significant risks and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. Our program is designed to help you develop new skills and a personal plan to avoid problems in the future.

SmartChoice was convenient and an eye opener. I now realize the many ways underage drinking can change my life. Thank you, SmartChoice, for potentially saving me from something worse.

- Richie F, Bedford, PA

Underage Drinking Program Outline

  1. Self-Discovery Questionnaire
  2. Pre-Test
  3. Alcohol and Its Effects
  4. Alcohol and the Body
  5. Alcohol/Drugs and the Law
  6. Illegal Drugs and Nicotine
  7. Post-Test
  8. Choices and Decicision Making

Cost: $162


After you complete the registration form and make your payment, you will receive an email message with a link that will allow you to enter the program pages.

Questions? Please call us at (888) 615-0420 today, to talk about how our underage drinking program can help you or someone you know who is having trouble as a result of underage drinking.

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