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SmartChoice is an online pre-adjudicative program that can be successfully utilized by the courts for underage drinking offenders. Recent studies show that people respond positively to interventions that are non-judgmental — where the focus is on  personal responsibility, focused study, and convenience.


We offer a course that benefits underage offenders, their families, friends, communities, schools, and the courts.


Our program is designed and proven to create a positive learning experience. We help participants modify their own behavior with knowledge and self-awareness, to make smarter choices and choose a better path.

We provide the tools you need...

...to choose a better path.

A Second Chance to Make a Smarter Choice

The SmartChoice program is effective because:


  • It is confidential
  • Interactions must be completed to advance to the next course
  • It is convenient
  • It is informative
  • Instructions and enrollment are simple
  • It is self-reflective and non-judgmental
  • The understanding of alcohol and its effects are enhanced
  • The effects of alcohol are clarified
  • The behavior of those who are mandated by the courts to participate in an alcohol education course is modified


SmartChoice participants learn:


  • To examine the underlying cause of the situation they are experiencing
  • The nature and affects of alcohol
  • How alcohol affects the mind and body
  • The law and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol
  • The consequences of alcohol abuse
  • Alternative behavior choices –  making smarter choices in the future

How to Sign Up:

Click the Register Now button below to go to the Registration form. Complete the Registration form and make your payment. (We accept debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal.) After you complete your payment, an email message with your SmartChoice link will be sent to you. Log into the SmartChoice program, and follow each step.


When you have successfully passed the test at the end, we will send you a Certificate of Completion.

Questions? Please call us at (888) 615-0420, to talk about how our program can help you or someone you know who is having trouble as a result of underage drinking.

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